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Sivells Discipline


 Our philosophy is that a consistent, proactive, and positive approach to behavior management and discipline is essential to a successful learning environment. To accomplish this goal, our instructional staff is provided regular in-service on effective classroom management practices and effective campus-wide discipline techniques.  At Sivells, we implement PBIS, positive behavioral interventions and supports, and conscious discipline in our proactive discipline measures. Below you will find more information on each of these programs.  


(Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports)
Sivells is excited to be participating in a school-wide Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support Project (PBIS). PBIS is a data driven, team-based process with the goal of improving the ability to teach and support positive behavior for all students in all settings. It is an approach to create a safe and productive learning environment where teachers can teach and students can learn. 

To ensure success for our students through PBIS, we at Sivells have adopted the PAWS guidelines.

P-Practice Respect
A-Accept Responsibility
W-Work Together
S-Stay Safe

We want our Tigers to ROAR! Every morning, the student body participates in our ROAR chant during morning announcements and during community time in the gymnasium.  These school-wide rules are well-designed expectations to guide student behavior, convey teacher expectations, and strengthen monitoring and behavior correction. The same guidelines are taught and used throughout the entire school eliminating confusion and contributing to safe, productive, and happy students.

ROAR Chant

Respect yourself and others

Obey school rules                                                                   

Achieve your potential

Represent Sivells with pride

Conscious Discipline

Sivells is also excited about building our school family through conscious discipline routines, rituals, and structures.  Conscious discipline is a comprehensive social and emotional intelligence classroom management program that empowers both teachers and students.  This program will help teachers and students build respectful relationships with themselves and others.  

Through conscious discipline, there are three essential ingredients which contribute to our school’s success: a willingness to learn, impulse control, and attention. Our school family will bring all children and adults to a place of willingness to learn through a sense of belonging.  We will use respectful relationships to encourage impulse control and teach self-regulation skills.  Our school family will reduce stress while creating an atmosphere of caring, encouragement, and meaningful contributions. Through conscious discipline, our school family will build connections with families, teachers, and students to ensure success and development for all.