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Sivells Elementary Library Media

Library Aide

Pre-kindergarten-3, Pre-Kindergarten-4, and Kindergarten students check out a book weekly and are allowed to keep their book to read in the classroom. 

First grade students visit the library once a week and are allowed to take home the books they have checked out.

It is vital to our library program that students take care of their books.  Please encourage your child to keep their books in their backpack when not reading it, this will ensure that they are kept in good condition.  
This also helps children keep up with their library books so that they can return them on the next scheduled library visit. 

Students are responsible for turning their books in on the due date.  Students are charged fines for lost and damaged library books and will be unable to check out another book till it has either been found and returned or the fine has been paid. 

Book fairs are also scheduled throughout the school year where you are able to visit the library with your student and purchase books.

Check-Out Policies

Students in Pre- Kindergarten3 through 1st grade will go to the library during specials.  One book will be checked out in Pre K-3, Pre-K-4, Kindergarten and 1st .   Teachers are highly encouraged to check out books for their classroom libraries. Teachers should provide Mrs. Barbee with student reading levels so that appropriate books are checked out by the students.

Kaitlyn Hooper
Librarian Aide